Miss Application Forms

We are limiting the pageant to the first 12 qualified contestants who provide all the necessary and required paperwork and documentation.   Deadline Date: September 30, 2019


To enter the Miss River City Pageant the following items are required:

​​____ Social Impact Essay Resume (may be 1 or 2 pages) 

____ Photograph

____ CMN Verification ($100.00 per pageant with a cap of $500.00)  

____ Age Verified (minimum age 18/and no older than 25 on December 31, 2020)

____ Talent – CD or Digital Copy (if applicable)

____ Supplemental Form 

____ Birth Certificate  

____ State Contract 

____ Eligibility Documentation (only one is needed):      

____ Copy of Driver’s License or Lease if competing as a resident of Alabama    

____ Copy of recent transcript if competing under student status    

____ Proof of Employment if competing as a full-time worker in Alabama  

____ Requirements of MISS (formerly known as local contract)


Please send six copies of the Contestant Resume, Contestant Platform Essay and photo, plus a copy of the Contract Acknowledgement, Local Contract, Proof of CMN fundraising, copy of birth certificate and music (music can be emailed to rivercitypageant@yahoo.com) to Rob Metcalf, 2411 Stratford Road, SE, Decatur, AL 35601.